Your Impact

The marijuana industry exists today and its outlook is favorable because of the work done by advocates in the past.

In order to keep that outlook positive, industry leaders must support these advocates’ ongoing efforts. By pledging to donate $100 a month to the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP), you can support the organization’s lobbying and coalition-building work, its tax-deductible public education projects (via the MPP Foundation), and its political action committee (MPP PAC). Marijuana Policy Project supports ballot initiatives via separate campaign committees in each of the states in which it works.

These advocates are dedicated to ending marijuana prohibition and replacing it with a regulated marijuana market for adults and medical patients. By dedicating just a fraction of a percent of your profits to supporting their work, you can help them continue to build an environment in which marijuana businesses can operate legally and be treated fairly.

Marijuana could be legalized (taxed and regulated like alcohol)
in 15 states by 2018.

  • Marijuana is legal in 8 states! (MPP was responsible for CO, AK, NV, MA, and ME.)
  • We intend to pass legalization bills through the 6 state legislatures in CT, DE, MD, NJ, RI, and VT in 2017 and 2018.
  • We hope to pass a legalization ballot initiative in MI in November 2018.
  • MPP is lobbying to legalize marijuana in DC, IL, NH, and TX (and is assisting allies in HI), but these probably won’t succeed until 2019, so they don’t count toward the 15-state total.
    *Star represents Washington D.C.

Medical marijuana could be legal in 35 states and D.C. by 2018.

  • Medical marijuana is legal in 28 states and D.C.
  • MPP and patient advocates intend to enact medical marijuana laws through five state legislatures in 2017.
  • We intend to pass a ballot initiative in MO in November 2018, and we’ll assist allies in OK with their initiative.
    *Star represents Washington D.C.

Donations to Marijuana Policy Project will be used to support MPP’s efforts nationwide and will be dispensed at MPP’s sole discretion. If you would like to support an initiative in a specific state,
please donate to that state’s campaign committee. Please contact Chris Rempert at for more information.

Marijuana Policy Project’s Core Expenses (2016)

Fundraising$190,000 Hard costs(insurance, conferences, computers)$430,000 Online services$270,000 Rent and mortgage $130,000 Staff$2,740,000 Lobbyists and legislative tactics$460,000 Polling, grants,miscellaneous projects$280,000